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Laura-Rose Gee started playing the harp at 7 years old after watching the young winning performers at the Eisteddfod Welsh music festival playing live on TV.

Just two years later, Laura-Rose was performing live on television herself after a winning solo performance, knocking out 17 Welsh counties. Following this, Laura-Rose was invited to perform for the BBC on many occasions, including playing live for Children in Need and BBC Kids with Talent.

After winning a number of high profile competitions, travelling around the country and overseas, Laura-Rose became a competent wedding and events performer, performing her first wedding at only 9 years old.

At 12 years old Laura-Rose performed to support the long-term recovery of a coma victim. After visiting monthly over an 18-month period, coma victim Mathew Taylor showed signs of response to the harp music. Initially moving his mouth, then reaching out his hand and finally clapping to a piece performed. This brought tears to everyone in the room and was a turning point for Laura-Rose’s music path. When Mathew regained consciousness, he confirmed he was aware of Laura’s visits whilst in a comatose state.

After discovering how music can help the sick, vulnerable and lonely, Laura-Rose spent much of her time performing at Dementia Centres, Residential Homes and giving her time to seek out homebound isolated pensioners for a surprise visit.

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